It’s good to have things outside the regular rhythm to look forward to – check out these special occasions coming up on the horizon…

It’s good to have things outside the regular rhythm to look forward to – check out these special occasions coming up on the horizon…


No, it’s not a typo, formatio is a 1 day gathering exploring apprenticeship to Jesus.

In our fast-paced, busy-addicted culture, formatio is here to help us ask the searching questions, who am I becoming? And how I becoming? In our post-Christian, highly secularised city, formatio affords us the opportunity to break from routine and ask: what are the cultural narratives, rhythms & rituals forming us, and what does Jesus have to say about that?

We’ve reached out and invited a new friend, John Mark Comer (Bridgetown Church, Portland, USA), to come and help guide us deeper in the conversation of what it means to be deeply formed by the life and lifestyle of Jesus. This conversation is for everyone so we’re throwing the doors open with our good friends Worship Central NZ & Central Vineyard.

Book it in your calendar folks and let’s make this a shot of spiritual formation adrenaline to kick off 2019 together – the cheap tickets are on sale now!


Guess Who's Coming To Dinner

Given the popularity (over 80 people involved) of our last “Guess Who’s Coming for Dinner” evenings, we thought it was about time to repeat it, and so, we are on the lookout for dinner hosts and of course participants! These nights are a brilliant way to get to know different people in our Saint Augustine’s fam’ who you don’t normally get to chat with over coffee on a Sunday. We will be holding these nights Monday to Saturday, 25 February - 2 March.


Six Week Groups

Six week groups are a great opportunity to get to know some new people at Saint Augustine’s while also tracking through a brilliant set of small group studies together. We have a beautifully produced set of studies looking at prayer. The next set kicks off in February 2019. We’d encourage you to dive in on this and be part of the fun. We are looking for both hosts and participants so please let us know which you can do.


The Life Course 

The Life Course is a six week course about meaning: What meaning do we give our lives? Is there an ultimate meaning to life? And if there is, can we know and experience it? That sort of thing...

The course is for anyone, irrespective of belief or lack thereof. It’s non-judgemental, it’s not about forcing you into some set of beliefs, we don’t want your money and the majority of people are not regular church goers. Each evening starts with a delicious meal followed by a brief presentation on the theme of meaning and the opportunity to discuss the topic in smaller groups. Food is served from 7pm and we finish by 9.15pm. $10p/n

The course runs for 6 weeks on Tuesday nights at Crave Café in Kingsland and there’s also an optional day away together. You’d be most welcome to come along and see what it’s all about – drop us a line and we’ll let you know when the next course is kicking off.


Surf Squad

We have a mad keen group of surfers at Saint Augustine's who regularly head out to the water (including our leader, Newt). It's a great way to meet some new folk and catch some waves at the same time. If you're keen to hear about when they're heading out next, drop a line to Murray who's coordinating this group by using the contact button below.